Catching Stars

Yujia Zhang
Dr. Michael Diezmos
ENGL 15-008
9 Sept 2016

Catching Stars

        ‘ I want you back, back, back, back, back…’ When I was at the encore concert of the INFINITE-a Korean males’ group, I almost cried my eyes out. As a four-year-fan of INFINITE, I was so excited and enthusiastic to see them in person. The man I love the most is called Kim Songgyu, who was just one-point-five meters away from me on the stage. I screamed when he had eye contact with me and I was melted in his soften smile. I just felt I was on a bed full of the cotton, soft and warm, under the spring sunshine. Burning out of the tears, I crazily sang songs with them. At the end of the concert, my throat was painful, but my mind was fulfilled.

Actually, I could not undersand those people who are deeply influenced by their idols before I became a fan of the INFINITE about five years ago. Once, I thought it stupid to pursue each schedule of the idols, purchase everything they used and even shout out their names while meeting them. One of my friends showed the song called BEFORE THE DOWN of the INFINITE to me in the summer in my age of twelve. Since then, everything has totally changed because that song was so impressed that I could not forget it even though I had just listened to it for the first time. When I went back home, I run to my computer and searched many information about INFINITE and listened to every song they sing. As soon as I finished listening to its songs, I immediately fell in love with it. I began to look at every fancam of INFINITE and to pay attention to every schedule of its singers. Even more crazily, I waited in front of the gate of their company for about three hours in order to meet INFINITE singers and take photos. Unfortunately, I didn’t even gain a glance; nevertheless, I decided not to give up. The next day, I continued to wait for them and eventually see those singers and even talk to one of the members called L.
Watching their music videos, purchasing each of their albums, and listening to each of the new CDs they published, I have become a super fan and dream of going to its concert. Finally, my dream came true this year: On February nineteenth, I flew to Korea and went to their concert on twentieth, spending and enjoying time with those fans. We hugged each other and felt some connections with each other that cannot be described in words. I stood in line from 4:00 pm and left the Olympic Park where the concert took place, at about 11 o’ clock at night. After that, I asked an agent of them to arrange a meeting with Kim Songyu, my favorite singers in INFINITE, but as I had imagined, that agent refused me. My tears fell like a waterfall; it’s like the sky was falling and I was the only one who is going to embrace that weight. Those seven hours seemed just like one second, passing through too fast to catch. I could still remember INFINITE has changed eight sets of the clothes and sung twenty-three songs, including the song which made me become a fan of them. I would never forget that night, full of happiness, tears, and inspirations.
Nowadays, being a fan of the INFINITE has become one of the most significant parts of my life. I started to learn Korean language and culture, which give me a great opportunity to make Korean friends and those who are also fans of INFINITE. Furthermore, even at abroad, I can still meet fans who also in America and get comforts and mental supports of them. It is lucky and proud to be a fan of INFINITE for such a long time.

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Introduce to ME1

Hello everyone. Nice to meet you guys. This is my first essay and hope you like it.
It is a personal narrative. I wrote down something about my first experience to chase a singer and my movement when I finally met him. I hope all of you could be my audience and enjoy my essay.
I face a lot of difficult when I wrote it since i am not good at expressing my own emotion. :/ That difficulties even make me feel that I am still stand in front of the company which my favorite star belongs to, bearing the chilly and freezing wind in the air. Also, it is hard for me to dig something deep and narrate something. I almost gave up but thankfully I feel the support of my idol and then I persisted and finally finished it.20151205141431_2elk8
If I could wrote it again, I think I may introduce more about my idol to you and thus, you may understand my feelings better. I hope those who are loving some stars can get with me and I believe even you are not loving some figures, you will also love him after you know him through my writing. Enjoy reading. ;O

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