An Open Letter to the School Cafeteria


Having lunch on campus never had been a serious or difficult problem for Mark Love, a senior major in computer science in Penn State University Abington (PSU), who is really busy and has lots of classes to take. However, since the September in 2016 when the new students came, he finds that having lunch has become such a hard thing. Every day when he finishes his class at 12:05 p.m., the large cafeteria is fully filled with people and there is no more seat for anyone for more than one hour. Even when he goes outside, the tables are crowded with people as well. As a result, he always abandons his lunch and just goes to somewhere else like library for study because he has another class begins at 1:25 p.m., which means he does not have much time to wait for a seat to have meal. Says Mark: “I feel bad when I find that most time I cannot have my lunch on campus in the whole semester. There are too many people there. I am not the only one. School should think about that problem.
The data shows that 60% of the students take their lunch at school and 30% of them have the lessons which finished at 12:05 and almost 5% of them cannot have lunch before their afternoon classes. Although some of them have cars so that they can go off campus for lunch, most of those 5% still need to stay on campus due to the reasons like the compact class schedule like Mark. It is an obviously big problem when all the data came out since there are more than 4000 people in this campus which show that more than 100 students cannot have their lunch in the cafeteria. Although school has created another small cafe in Woodland building, the seats are still not enough.
The University really need to deal with the space problem of the cafeteria as soon as possible since there will be more students in the semester of 2017 Spring and make some change on the class arrangement so that students will not get too crowded at lunch time at noon.logo_35_3

On the school website, we can find that school tries to make something to keep the order at the peak time at noon. “…Instructors and counselors are on hand during the lunch hour to assist and supervise.” which is posted by the education program office. However, this still not enough and cannot thoroughly solve the problem. Besides, the small cafe in Woodland opened this year shows the positive attitude of the University to solve this problem. Some students could spend their lunch time there, drinking some coffee or having some breads. However, it is still not enough. First, there is no oven in the small cafe. Second, there no formal lunch cuisines provided there but only some croissants. Last but not the least, the seat in cafe of Woodland is still not enough.

Benefits for the health of students
Regular meal plan will help students keep fit. Though it seems a small thing for people to not have a meal for a time, it will become a significant health issue if people always ignore their lunch. Improvement of the school cafeteria will greatly enhance the life quality of students and help them become a better person both physically and mentally. Mark now is a little malnutrition because he seldom gets the opportunity to have lunch. The situation makes him to think about learning to cook and carrying the food to school, which he may take something at noon and not been hungry and exhausted in the afternoon. However, the problem is that the temperature has been lower and lower recently and it is really uncomfortable to eat something cold in such a chilly day. Mark is now entangled and does not what to do.
Benefits for the concentration of students for their afternoon classes
No doubt, it is hard for anyone to concentrate and pay attention to others while starving and thirsty. So do the students. It is a little ridiculous for those do not have a chance to have their lunch to get the full quality of their afternoon lessons. According to the scientific research, students will feel tired, hungry and anxious while listening to the professors. In addition, what they see on the board may not be the functions of calculus or the explanation of a phenomena but a list of food they want to go to eat after class or a picture of a full setting table with roast chickens, steaks and many other delicacies. They can hardly catch up with their teachers and classmates so that they will keep silent if the teacher asks them a question, which is really bad for a student both on their own academic achievement and the impression of their professors.
Benefit for the students who want to study in the library but find no seat
To my surprise, it is a really interesting thing that library is always full of people at noon, which seems that students do not need to have something and do not feel hungry because of the knowledge of the books. But recently, I find the truth. Most people stay in the library are not working on their projects or studying but sleeping or playing their phones and computers, because they do not have a place to go and to have lunch. However, it is really inconvenient for the students who truly want to study in the library at noon because the two reasons: people want to work cannot get a seat and they could only sit on the floor or give up their decision of study and then go out; library becomes noisy since those people have nothing to do but talk or watch the videos through the internet. As a result, it reveals that the issue of the cafeteria not only influence those people who cannot have a seat to have lunch but many more other students indirectly.
Benefits for the University
If the cafeteria is rearranged, school can attract and contain more and more people, which will improve the reputation of the school and make the Penn State Abington better.

Reuse of the room in Lares building
The University has really many effective and economical ways to solve this problem. I find that there are many spare room in Lares which close to the original cafeteria and could be used just on the lunch time. It is really wasteful if school restructure the cafeteria because it is actually empty in the morning and in the evening, so reuse of the spare room is the best way. School could just buy some tables and chairs and set them at the lunch time in the room like Lares 108 or 112 when there are no events holding there and lock it or use it for other things just after lunch time. It is really easy and quick to achieve the goal that makes all students have the place and chance to have lunch.
Rearrangement of the class schedule
If the education office of school could rearrange the schedule and not make the 12:00p.m. to 1:00p.m. become such a crash period everything will also be solved next semester. Classes can end not only at 12:05p.m. but also 11:30a.m. or 12:45p.m. so that student will be distributed into different classes at different time and not all get in the cafeteria at the same time.
Earlier open of the lunch time
Now the cafeteria starts serving the lunch at 11 o’clock and sometimes even later, so if the cafeteria could open 30 minutes earlier, maybe many people can take their lunch earlier and leave the cafeteria earlier for other students.

Although school has made something to deal with this problem and since it is such an old campus, some lacks could be tolerated, but everything done before is still not enough and the issue cannot be ignored. From my own research, Beth Anne Bradley, Marcia Claire Delia and Deanna Bosley, who work in the school student affair center and education program, could greatly help us. As a public institution, the University has the obligation to make sure every student has the equal rights on everything when they at school and thus, every student should have the ability and chance to have lunch on campus as they want. University must solve the issue in order to make Penn State Abington a better place for students and benefit the future of the University.


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Introduce to ME4

1464731330470This essay is about an open letter to the school cafeteria. The audience I focus to is the students who find the same problem as me and the advisers of the school, who could truly help us to solve the problem.
I did a lot of research before i start my essay in order to find the best and fittest topic to claim. Although I did brainstorming to enlarge and deep my thoughts, I still feel hard to start at the beginning. While writing, I try to use the most proper explanation and words that do not make others feel offended. Besides, I search a lot on school official website.
I like the solution I point out because I spend many of my time on that.
I would like to find more ways to make the issue finished better and make the solutions more likely to come true. I want to interview more students to show more concern of students as well.
It is great to learn how to arrange and write an open letter.:)

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Advertisement of the Palmolive Soap in 1941

bh1066Yujia Zhang
Professor Michael Diezmos
ENGL 15-008
Nov. 8 2016

The Palmolive Company, which now is called as the Colgate-Palmolive Company, is an American state corporation which mainly produces the goods about household, health and so on. It was established in 1806 in New York City by an English soap and candle maker. At that time the company had a totally different name which followed the name of the founder, Mr. Colgate. Then, after the great formula of soap which was made entirely of palm oil and olive oil was created and produced by the company in 1898, in 1905, the soap was so popular that it renamed the company after it – “Palmolive”. In 1941, one impressive new advertisement of the product came out and it is quite attractive and interesting for people to remember it till now. (Colgate-Palmolive Company, Wikipedia)
Looking through the whole advertisement, we could easily find that women are the main audience. First, on the top of the ad, there is a beauty image who is holding a bunch of rose and looks happily, which will evoke the empathy of woman. Second, in the middle part of ad, the words “Make YOUR fondest dreams come true” ( greatly fit the ideal of the women for the affection and the beauty – they want to be loved by others like the woman showed above. Furthermore, the company continuously talked about the great value of their soaps: “help more to bring out the hidden wealth of skin beauty”, “Keep to Palmolive. Keep that schoolgirl complexion”; “The schoolgirl complexion” ( makes the soap seems like that it could help female return to their youth, earning a plump and glossy face again. Although those words are really explicit and simple, it still gives a straightforward visual impression of the good result after using the product to people and convince the people to purchase it, which just like the slogan made by the peddler in the markets as “our product is so good, just come and buy it.” Besides, from other background of the Palmolive Company, also called the Colgate-Palmolive Company, it has sponsored a non-profit track meet open to women of all ages called the Colgate Woman Games, which is the nation’s largest amateur track series open to all girls from elementary school through college. That also express their focus to all the female. (Colgate-Palmolive Company, Wikipedia)
The text of this ad is really interesting, especially the scenery created above. The illustration of the beauty on the picture is so fabulous, with the sparkling brown hair and glossy face, wearing a pair of pearl necklace and a pink dress made of silk; she has a rosy cheek and red lips which have great appeal to others. The rose she holds is so bright and fresh, like a cluster of fire. In addition, “Darling, you have made me the happiest man in the world” (, which written on a slice of  paper aside, points out that the rose is sent by the boyfriend or the finance or the husband of the woman and that man takes the woman like the great treasure he owned. All those make people easily think that she is such a luck and happy woman and want to know how she can happy like that. Then, the message below tells that because she uses the palmolive soap and keep the good condition of her face, which make people more to believe it because they have just looked at the picture at first and have the interest to learn more about the product and buy it in order to achieve what the woman get in the ad. Also, in the bottom of the ad, another attractive text offers great image of the quality of the palmolive soap. The image is made of two hands which cross to each other and hold some green liquid in it and near to that, there is a print of the appearance and shape of the product: a translucent olive drab cube wrapped by two pieces of paper, inner one is white and another one is green. On the cube, word “palmolive” is engraved. That text properly responses to the literal text that surrounds it, the special color also will make people pay attention to it and read the lines.
Besides, in the ad, it mentions the natural color of the palmolive soap to prove their soap is made only of the palmolive oil and olive oil, which is the costliest oil that only the finest soap will be added in, showing how nature and perfect quality it is. It points out that there is no animal fats in their formula and thus the palmolive soap take the most care of the complexion of the woman who used it. That emphasizes the good goal of the product and makes the soap more reliable. Also, in the message on the white place, it says that “Be faithful to your Palmolive facial night and morning. Bathe with Palmolive daily. Thrill to its thick, quick-cleansing lather. Remember that a clear, petal-fresh complexion counts high in the eyes of every man” (, which greatly provoke the want of the female to buy the soap in order to allure the male. We know that the thick lather means that the soap could clean the things easier and deeper, so it becomes a good point of it, helping the woman cleans their skin better so that they could quickly remove sallowness, dullness and old keratin and keep “that schoolgirl complexion” that they always dreamed of. (
The author not only use the great effect of their product to attract the woman who seek for the love and beauty but also use the new size of the product for the whole family which makes the housewife takes it for the great economy value. The ad points out that the soap is so useful that “…Palmolive costs you no more than you pay for other leading soaps” “The whole family cheers for it” (, which provokes the buying desire of the people at that time. Thus, the cheap and useful soap which not only could keep the skin condition and make woman more beautiful, but also be economical and save the money for the family. The palmolive soap became the best substitution for the luxury creams and makeups to those housewives. Moreover, the mention of the whole family will get to the sensitive part of the woman’s heart, because for the female, nothing could be more important than their families that the thoughtful message showed in the ad will tremendously add the favor of the woman to the soap.
In 1941, the second world wars were still continuous which means that people did not have much money to buy anything they want and even had the limitation to buy something, so that it is the reason and historical contexts why the company want to point of the love and economical use of their products. Wars could not stop the demand of the woman for beauty and wars could not stop the nature of human that seeks for the love. The warm hue of the advertisement makes people in the war feel comfortable and confident. Besides, the positive content also makes people who see it have a better emotion, which is a significant part to gain the customer and make people buy the products. Proper price and lots of mentions of the care of the complexion also make the audience the woman feel they have been valued by others and feel they are truly existing. That achieves great commercial goals because the company gives the needs of their customers and is needed by their customers.
However, the matter of the advertisement is not attractive enough nowadays. First, today more and more types of the ad fulfilled the life of the people, so the state and dull form of the image cannot get people’s attention. The advertisement is half of the words and description which few people want to read it, and the picture is not real enough for a makeup to show its quality in the modern world. Also, today woman have more choice for their beauty and have no so much limitations on the money or other things to purchase the cosmetics, so the low price is not that attractive for people to buy the soap. Last but not the least, woman now have more time for themselves and are more knowledgeable, which means they have a more elaborate life and they will never believe that one thing could help them return to youth. They will take it as joke when somebody says that their soap could make people get younger. The exaggerate message on the advertisement will not be useful anymore. (
In conclusion, the palmolive soap make a nice and attractive advertisement which made the soap a huge success at that time but is not valuable recently. The whole advertisement concentrates on both the aesthetic feeling of the audience and the internal need of the woman, which other advertisements seldom or never achieved then. Also, the general text design is a great arrangement even in today. It is a deep impression and awesome example for today’s advertiser to make their advertisement better and cater to their customers better.
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Introduce to ME3

This is major essay 3, about a soap advertisement. I carefully searched about the background and the special meaning showed in the advertisement and analyzed it after searching. My audience is those who are making or manage to make an advertisement or anyone interest in the 20th century advertisement.

I did a lot of research, both in english Website and Chinese website. Moreover, I tried to do free-write twice in order to develop my idea. It is a tough routine but also an amazing routine I never learned. There are still many thing that could be improved, like more details on the historical background. I could talk more about how people lived at that time and why the advertisement just met their needs.

It is also my first time writing a research paper. The experience is really new to me and it is really special. It is great to truly concentrate and put all your efforts on one thing for a week. Hope I could have that chance again in the future. 🙂

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Introduce to ME2

An new essay of product review come out~. This time is about a review of MacBook. I have used MacBooks from MacBook air to MacBook Pro for more than four years and still love it. This essay is an expression of my love to it and also a recommend to those of you who want to buy a computer and still feel confused and do not know what to buy.
While looking at the topic to write a product review, the MacBooks came into my mind immediately and I feel that this essay is the easiest one for me to write because I cannot stop myself tapping on the keyboard of my own MacBook Pro. Everything just finished in seconds and the resources of some website called “bbs” help me a lot.
I appreciate all my works of this paper and love it! However, I may improve some parts of it in the future to show it better and make it more attractive, like the beautiful outside and the user interface. The silver color outside never becomes out of date and even fashion enough for the models to hold it as a stage property and the useful and clean interface will also make people feel comfortable and even feel wasteful of the idea that let the MacBook becomes the stage property rather than being properly used in the business officer. But I am still satisfied now. 🙂
I found that rational and logic thoughts are important when I wrote the essay and I will use it in all my essay after more. Also, I want to keep that amazing feeling while writing this essay. I never have such a chance to write some so quick and somehow high quality. Maybe just as what old people says, “interest is the best teacher”. My interest to the MacBook lead me to the new world of writing. XD4_9hgpqa-zmu61naxfcafa%3d%3d%2f7916535397034557098

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MacBook Product Review

10-1504161430380-lYujia Zhang
Prof. Michael Diezmos
ENGL 15-008
25 Sept 2016

According to the quarter 1 report of International Data Corporation in 2016, the professional organization of marketing research, all series of MacBook of Apple have taken 7.8% share of the global personal computer market, which means that even there is a great depression in world personal computer market, the share of the MacBook still increases by 16.1%, reaching the sealing number at 5,136,000. As a result, we could have great confidence to claim that MacBook is better than the windows’ PC now.
MacBook is a brand of notebook personal Macintosh that was designed and produced by Apple Inc. It first released in May 2006, replacing the iBook G4 and 12 inch PowerBook and thereby becomes more comprehensive nowadays, including the MacBook, the premium ultra-portable MacBook Air, and the powerful MacBook Pro. It has silver streamlined outside and for the MacBook, there are even another two color: gold and rose-gold. Also, the new MacBook become even thinner and lighter to carry and the lasting time of the battery also gets strengthened. Moreover, except MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and MacBook have carried on the retina screen, which delivers a bold visual experience within an impossibly minimal design that no other computers have. From the users’ feedback, it is easy to find the review like ‘amazing choice’ or ‘the best decision’. (Adam, Megs78) When talking about MacBook in the modern world, people usually would have a relatively positive attitude towards them.
Easy to use is a decisive feature of the laptop that attracts people when choosing a computer. The great operating system and the clean user interface of MacBook attract those who are new to technology. People could use even three fingers to do everything through the MacBook, such as open a file, delete a document or even operate a song. Furthermore, even when you do not know how to do something or sometimes that you could not find something, you could just use the Siri, the voice recognition system of Apple, asking your question and you will get the answer immediately. In addition, its security standards directly promoted its convenience because, up to this point, it does not need anti— virus software due to the fact that there isn’t any virus could break into an iOS system. Thus it saved time for users from paying for anti— virus. (MacBook)
People are always influenced by the apparent of one product, which is same in choosing the computer. MacBook has continuously received the title of “the most beautiful laptop in the world” four years on an online shopping website, called ‘the deal-moon’ and also becoming one of the most favorite computers for female. When I decided to purchase a laptop for the university, entering in the computer store, I was immediately attracted by the refraction of the MacBook Pro, which was placed on the counter just in front of me. The graceful line of the laptop, the black keyboard and the edgeless shiny screen caught my eyes, grasped my legs and made me cannot help to buy it.macbook-air-firmware-update
In addition, in the Modern World, more and more people are getting reliant on App products, which is also called Accelerated Parallel Processing, in their life; thus, one of the great advantages of MacBook is that it provides many useful apps for the education, the work, and the entertainment through its own online store, called iTunes, for free. It is a tremendous progress, which makes us live easier. When I was in senior high school, the headteacher decided to use Macbook as the teaching tool of the teacher and use one of the Apps called ‘elite raising online’ as the way for us to do our homework and take the class through the Internet. It is really great that there are no wasteful and annoying small advertisements on the App and also there are no other Apps that will be downloaded with it.
One of the most significant advantages of the MacBooks is that they have a fairly high-security standard over the privacies of the people and this fact were, for many times, reflected since the beginning of the “MacBook Era” and in these days. The issue of cyber security has become a distant concern as the society making spectacular progress on institutions such as technology, which, at the same time, created a huge security vacuum. Furthermore, the extent of the loopholes of computers is so infinite that they make computer users rather vulnerable to cyber crimes: people’s privacy could easily be exposed. However, the emergence of MacBook prosperously filled this vacuum: MacBooks are extremely “picky” with software because of its unique format. Thus, much vicious software that contains virus could not be downloaded to MacBook, which directly protected the privacy of people from being the victims of cyber crimes. Another great example of the protective nature of MacBooks came from the CEO of Apple himself. After the San Bernardino attack that took place last year, the FBI asks Apple to cooperate with them to unlock the Apple products of the suspects, but the CEO of Apple refused because he believes if his company helped the government, they also waived the user’s fundamental rights as human beings, which perfectly illustrated the spirit of Apple and that of MacBooks and once again strengthened the guaranteed security standard of MacBooks. (Apple vs FBI)
In conclusion, it is an obvious phenomenon that MacBook is better than the windows PC, and we can always hold the positive attitude towards the new MacBook that will become soon.

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Catching Stars

Yujia Zhang
Dr. Michael Diezmos
ENGL 15-008
9 Sept 2016

Catching Stars

        ‘ I want you back, back, back, back, back…’ When I was at the encore concert of the INFINITE-a Korean males’ group, I almost cried my eyes out. As a four-year-fan of INFINITE, I was so excited and enthusiastic to see them in person. The man I love the most is called Kim Songgyu, who was just one-point-five meters away from me on the stage. I screamed when he had eye contact with me and I was melted in his soften smile. I just felt I was on a bed full of the cotton, soft and warm, under the spring sunshine. Burning out of the tears, I crazily sang songs with them. At the end of the concert, my throat was painful, but my mind was fulfilled.

Actually, I could not undersand those people who are deeply influenced by their idols before I became a fan of the INFINITE about five years ago. Once, I thought it stupid to pursue each schedule of the idols, purchase everything they used and even shout out their names while meeting them. One of my friends showed the song called BEFORE THE DOWN of the INFINITE to me in the summer in my age of twelve. Since then, everything has totally changed because that song was so impressed that I could not forget it even though I had just listened to it for the first time. When I went back home, I run to my computer and searched many information about INFINITE and listened to every song they sing. As soon as I finished listening to its songs, I immediately fell in love with it. I began to look at every fancam of INFINITE and to pay attention to every schedule of its singers. Even more crazily, I waited in front of the gate of their company for about three hours in order to meet INFINITE singers and take photos. Unfortunately, I didn’t even gain a glance; nevertheless, I decided not to give up. The next day, I continued to wait for them and eventually see those singers and even talk to one of the members called L.
Watching their music videos, purchasing each of their albums, and listening to each of the new CDs they published, I have become a super fan and dream of going to its concert. Finally, my dream came true this year: On February nineteenth, I flew to Korea and went to their concert on twentieth, spending and enjoying time with those fans. We hugged each other and felt some connections with each other that cannot be described in words. I stood in line from 4:00 pm and left the Olympic Park where the concert took place, at about 11 o’ clock at night. After that, I asked an agent of them to arrange a meeting with Kim Songyu, my favorite singers in INFINITE, but as I had imagined, that agent refused me. My tears fell like a waterfall; it’s like the sky was falling and I was the only one who is going to embrace that weight. Those seven hours seemed just like one second, passing through too fast to catch. I could still remember INFINITE has changed eight sets of the clothes and sung twenty-three songs, including the song which made me become a fan of them. I would never forget that night, full of happiness, tears, and inspirations.
Nowadays, being a fan of the INFINITE has become one of the most significant parts of my life. I started to learn Korean language and culture, which give me a great opportunity to make Korean friends and those who are also fans of INFINITE. Furthermore, even at abroad, I can still meet fans who also in America and get comforts and mental supports of them. It is lucky and proud to be a fan of INFINITE for such a long time.

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Introduce to ME1

Hello everyone. Nice to meet you guys. This is my first essay and hope you like it.
It is a personal narrative. I wrote down something about my first experience to chase a singer and my movement when I finally met him. I hope all of you could be my audience and enjoy my essay.
I face a lot of difficult when I wrote it since i am not good at expressing my own emotion. :/ That difficulties even make me feel that I am still stand in front of the company which my favorite star belongs to, bearing the chilly and freezing wind in the air. Also, it is hard for me to dig something deep and narrate something. I almost gave up but thankfully I feel the support of my idol and then I persisted and finally finished it.20151205141431_2elk8
If I could wrote it again, I think I may introduce more about my idol to you and thus, you may understand my feelings better. I hope those who are loving some stars can get with me and I believe even you are not loving some figures, you will also love him after you know him through my writing. Enjoy reading. ;O

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