Introduce to ME3

This is major essay 3, about a soap advertisement. I carefully searched about the background and the special meaning showed in the advertisement and analyzed it after searching. My audience is those who are making or manage to make an advertisement or anyone interest in the 20th century advertisement.

I did a lot of research, both in english Website and Chinese website. Moreover, I tried to do free-write twice in order to develop my idea. It is a tough routine but also an amazing routine I never learned. There are still many thing that could be improved, like more details on the historical background. I could talk more about how people lived at that time and why the advertisement just met their needs.

It is also my first time writing a research paper. The experience is really new to me and it is really special. It is great to truly concentrate and put all your efforts on one thing for a week. Hope I could have that chance again in the future. 🙂

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