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An new essay of product review come out~. This time is about a review of MacBook. I have used MacBooks from MacBook air to MacBook Pro for more than four years and still love it. This essay is an expression of my love to it and also a recommend to those of you who want to buy a computer and still feel confused and do not know what to buy.
While looking at the topic to write a product review, the MacBooks came into my mind immediately and I feel that this essay is the easiest one for me to write because I cannot stop myself tapping on the keyboard of my own MacBook Pro. Everything just finished in seconds and the resources of some website called “bbs” help me a lot.
I appreciate all my works of this paper and love it! However, I may improve some parts of it in the future to show it better and make it more attractive, like the beautiful outside and the user interface. The silver color outside never becomes out of date and even fashion enough for the models to hold it as a stage property and the useful and clean interface will also make people feel comfortable and even feel wasteful of the idea that let the MacBook becomes the stage property rather than being properly used in the business officer. But I am still satisfied now. 🙂
I found that rational and logic thoughts are important when I wrote the essay and I will use it in all my essay after more. Also, I want to keep that amazing feeling while writing this essay. I never have such a chance to write some so quick and somehow high quality. Maybe just as what old people says, “interest is the best teacher”. My interest to the MacBook lead me to the new world of writing. XD4_9hgpqa-zmu61naxfcafa%3d%3d%2f7916535397034557098

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