Introduce to ME1

Hello everyone. Nice to meet you guys. This is my first essay and hope you like it.
It is a personal narrative. I wrote down something about my first experience to chase a singer and my movement when I finally met him. I hope all of you could be my audience and enjoy my essay.
I face a lot of difficult when I wrote it since i am not good at expressing my own emotion. :/ That difficulties even make me feel that I am still stand in front of the company which my favorite star belongs to, bearing the chilly and freezing wind in the air. Also, it is hard for me to dig something deep and narrate something. I almost gave up but thankfully I feel the support of my idol and then I persisted and finally finished it.20151205141431_2elk8
If I could wrote it again, I think I may introduce more about my idol to you and thus, you may understand my feelings better. I hope those who are loving some stars can get with me and I believe even you are not loving some figures, you will also love him after you know him through my writing. Enjoy reading. ;O

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