Hi, I am Yujia Zhang,a first year student in Penn State Abington. This website is about something i thought and some paper I want to share which are written by myself.

I sincerely want some of you could find something you truly want from the things I shared. Just because while doing the research of those topic I talked about on my website, I found it is really hard to find a right form of paper or some resources related. Thus, I hope I could help you guys who face the same problems as me.

There are four essays on my website now. The first one is a personal narrative about my experience of myself to chase a famous star I love!!! Second one is about the review of a product. The product is the Macbook series because my user experience is really great and think it is convenient for us to use and helpful. The third essay is a research paper of an advertisement which annoyed me most while writing it. I chose an advertisement of a soap in the 20th century. The final assignment is an open letter I wrote to the school student affair center, talking about the school cafeteria.

While making this website, I learn a lot about the basic knowledge to make arrange a blog, like how to post a work, how to add a picture and how to create a link. Those are really new and attractive to me. Also, I make some improvement before i post those assignment on my eprofolio, which make it looks better. Moreover, starting the website help me get connection with others, making me feel I am not lonely doing my own works. Amazing experience. 🙂


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